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So while reading The Naughty bits Lingerie News on The Lingerie Addict, One of the tidbits was about how Victoria’s Secret alledgely accidentally released what appear to be un-edited photos from their July swimsuit shoot. There was a link to this site where you can see the photos in all their un-touched glory. Scars and wrinkles, hair and all. The site mentioned that the edited versions of the photos hadn’t been released so I went to the VS website and found that they had been released by now! So, I’ve taken photos from the Victoria’s Secret website and the untouched photos and put them side by side.

You’ll notice identical photos with changes in the colour of the swimsuit, adjustments to the horizon lines behind them, wrinkles that have been removed as well as birth marks and scars. You will also notice that some photos have the model’s hair removed from behind their armpits. On top of that, one of the photos also has a completely different suit in that the un-edited photo has a halter strap around the model’s neck and the one from the site doesn’t!

I think it’s a very interesting opportunity to take a look at these photos.

You will notice that I did not choose any photos of the model, Chanel Iman. That’s because the only simsuits she was photographed in on the website were animal print and not only do I find it pretty upsetting that even though she was wearing the same style as the white girls, she is only posted in animal print. The un-edited collection of photos also did not feature any photos of her so I had nothing to compare.

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